Tuesday, April 7, 2009

View North

What? She's posting again? Yeah, yeah, yeah... There's an explanation: No pilates tonight. The class was canceled. The teacher is sick. So here's your picture:

This is the view North from the upstairs staircase window. Probably taken sometime before Christmas. Our next door neighbor towards North is a bit to the right in the picture: if you look closely you can see a yellowish hue in the right hand side. The red house is the neighbor after that. It's a big beautiful house on a cliff, with a mansard roof and a majestic look. But our little house is just as cosy and we don't need to sand 30 icy steps to our front door during winter. Only five.

Speaking of the ice. It was glorious on the window that day. It transformed the garden into a soft milky dream and just below the sun made it glow and sparkle in millions of funny shapes and there was just this tiny crack that you could see quite clearly through.

The ice is pretty but it's also evidence of bad ventilation in the bathroom. All fixed now. We have a light switch and we have a switch to turn on the mechanical exhaust. Just like in America. Totally awesome!