Thursday, June 19, 2008

Real Business

Here's a Viivi and Wagner from a few weeks back. Wagner has invented a whistle that attracts real estate agents. Having met some of the same sort just a few days ago, this made me laugh out loud. In the last frame Viivi is asking how one does get rid of them and Wagner says that he thought they would have natural enemies.

As for anything else, my life's all upside down in a good busy hectic sort of way so no updates. Also I'll be gone for a few weeks soon and will not be taking my laptop so there really will be a silence for a while. And then I suppose the list of things to write about will be only much much longer.

Here's a link to the strip in Hesari.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Käpylä Village Festival

This weekend was the Käpylä Village Festival, Käpylän kyläjuhlat in Finnish. Käpylä is my childhood neighbourhood and my mum still lives there. You have seen some garden pictures from there last summer and if you haven't heard my lectures about my beautiful home neighbourhood, go ahead and read the Wikipedia article linked above. The lecture is more or less the same. I checked.

The Village Festival is a biyearly thing, every other summer it is held in Kumpula, a similar neighbourhood nearby. There is always music and other program, festival food and festival beer and such like but for us the main attraction has always been the flea market. It is a real flea market with ordinary people who carry their tables out on the street and spread their old pots and pans on the tables and sell in the spirit of getting rid of old stuff and buying some new much cooler stuff from the neighbour's table. And nobody is doing any business, they are only fulfilling the meaning of life which is of course to carry stuff from one place to another.

We had a beautiful weather this weekend and I even got a bit of red on my nose from the sun. We also sold quite a lot of stuff with my mum. And we didn't buy anything at all (except food) so I think all in all we managed pretty well.

All the pictures are from my old home street Pohjolankatu, where the flea market was held. The street was closed from traffic that day. But somehow I think that the amount of people did compensate for the lack of cars.

PS: I've been getting complaints about the slow updates. Some say that it has to do with Facebook and in a way that is true. That and the fact that I've been incredibly busy lately. It is actually slightly less time consuming to write one sentence that somebody else has already started by giving you the first word than coming up with a whole post full of text not to mention pictures. But I will try.